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04 11 17

Have a look at the video for the title track of "Condition Black".

01 20 17

"Condition Black" is now available in North America, through Amazon, Tower, and a lot of indie sellers who would love to have your support!

10 13 16

Three songs from "Condition Black" are now streaming on SoundCloud - and one of them a free download. Check them out below:

09 20 16

Take a look and listen at the trailer for "Condition Black", due October 21!

02 11 16

The official site FINALLY sees some updates! Due to the time and energy going into ushering in the second album over the past year, and a server move, we simply weren't able to get the home page updated properly, and since that time, some things here broke or became outdated. We'll be working to fix and improve all those things as the album announcement nears - it's mean, it's lean, it's right around the corner, and you all, our friends, WILL NOT be disappointed.

11 09 14

DeLand Rock & Metal Festival Main Stage 4:30

SKYLINER at DeLand Metal Festival November 9th!
Get your ticket from us now!

02 28 14

EUROPEANS AND DIGITAL JUNKIES: the day is upon you! "Outsiders" is now available digitally at:

Available on iTunes
Amazon MP3
Get it on Google Play

Our European friends (or eager importers!) can pick up the record at most brick-and-mortar music retailers, or online at:

Forever Rock
Nuclear Blast
Black scaped

Our North American family will have to wait until April 15th for the physical CD release, but we've got some things rolling that will get the CD to some of you a little earlier.

As with any artist, your support is everything to us. This one is for you, so blast it, absorb it, enjoy it!

02 05 14

Skyliner - Outsiders


WORLDWIDE DIGITAL (iTunes, Spotify, and all legal streaming services) AND EUROPEAN PHYSICAL RELEASE - FEBRUARY 28TH



"Outsiders' is SKYLINER's awesome, enthusiastic, refreshing debut album. A real US Power Metal gem with a progressive mind! The songs on this first album are based on passion and technical versatility – and this first great impression is perfected by a crystal-clear, extremely transparent production. The symbiosis of classy, sophisticated song writing characteristic for the US and the traditional Heavy Metal values and virtues of European combos turn 'Outsiders' into a metal fireworks par excellence." -

09 03 13
A new teaser trailer for 'Outsiders' is now available!

08 19 13
New interview with Jake on the past, present, and future of Skyliner.

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